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Compliance Specialist

Department: Compliance
Location: Troy, Michigan

Job Summary:

We are looking for a Compliance Specialist to ensure that the background screening information we send to our clients and their candidates, including criminal history, driving, education and verification of employment results, is compliant with all local, regional, state, federal, and EEOC regulatory laws. This position will also interact frequently with our key clients and their candidates via phone and email. The Compliance Specialist will perform legal and quality reviews using logical analysis and customer service skills every day to fulfill their responsibilities. All work is completed within the timeframes outlined in our standards. Successful candidates will need to be able to perform quality assurance reviews of data with a small margin of error. This position is the best of both worlds - mostly quality review and analysis with some customer service sprinkled in.

Job Responsibilities:

•	Legal and quality review of 750 to 1,000 background check orders per day.
•	Complete background check reports by ensuring candidate information is accurate and reportable.  This is completed through verification of candidate identifiers and analysis of allowable information as determined by applicable laws, government agency guidance, and client preferences.
•	Confirm all information contained in the background report is accurate, reads properly, and is free of spelling and grammatical errors.
•	Provide timely service and responses to our key clients by answering up to 15 phone calls and responding to approximately 25 emails per day.  
•	Investigate and resolve candidate disputes regarding the information reported on his/her background report.  
•	Create and distribute pre-adverse and adverse action letters to candidates as required.  
•	Research and document practices to assist with our company accreditation standards.
•	Track 100% of client and candidate communication in CRM.
•	Achieve NAPBS FCRA Basic Certification within 90 days of employment.
•	Successful completion of internal training at no less than 90% accuracy per assignment.


•	1-2 years experience in client service, customer service in an office setting or legal/auditing.
•	Ability to comprehend and apply regulatory guidelines.
•	Analytical thinker with the ability to make a logical conclusion from multiple sources of data.  
•	Self-managed to complete repetitive work with a small margin of error.
•	Ability to work with and maintain confidential information.
•	Pleasant, helpful personality