Background Check Company CredentialCheck Discusses How to Avoid In-Home Care Abuse.

In-home care abuse is a troubling crime, but it can be prevented by taking appropriate measures. By thoroughly screening in-home caregivers, employers and clients can rest assured that vulnerable patients are in safe hands.


Background checks are essential when hiring any caregiver, but they are especially important when it comes to those who will be serving patients at home. These workers will be alone with senior citizens, disabled individuals, and people recovering from surgeries for extended periods, so it is crucial to confirm they can be trusted. The following are some types of background screening available from CredentialCheck and other companies that are important to the in-home care industry.


Pre-employment background checks are a critical first step in hiring in-home caregivers. To choose the best in-home caregivers, pre-employment screening should include thorough criminal record checks. Additional screenings like drug testing and social media checks can also reveal concerning behaviors that weed out less-ideal job candidates.


Post-employment background checks are also highly recommended, providing ongoing monitoring to ensure that the caregiver continues to uphold the company’s standards. For example, an employee might pass screening when they are hired but later commit a crime that puts their trustworthiness into question. Employers will not know if they never screen that individual again. Post-employment background checks can include criminal record checks, social media profiles, motor vehicle record checks, drug testing, and more.


Verifications are another vital part of the background check process. Applicants may falsify information on their resumes, including their education, work history, and professional licenses. Any claims about credentials should be double-checked, and any provided references should be contacted to ensure future clients will receive care from a reputable individual.


Call CredentialCheck at (888) 689-2000 for further details on how background checks can help prevent abuse by in-home care staff. Information about CredentialCheck’s various screening solutions is also available online. Their company is located in Troy, Michigan, and serves businesses and organizations across the United States.