Background Check Company Recommends Best Practices as Continuous Monitoring Becomes Commonplace.

More and more employers are utilizing continuous monitoring, making continuous compliance increasingly important. CredentialCheck, a background check company, provides their view for how companies can operate within legal compliance while getting the most out of the screening.

As organizations nationwide seek out exceptional staff in a candidate-driven market, it has become more common than ever to monitor employees on an ongoing basis. In one example, continuous monitoring can help ensure that employees in safety-focused roles have no legal issues, substance-related charges, or license revocations that may impact their ability to contribute to a healthy workplace. However, as valuable as continuous monitoring services are, it is crucial that employers bear in mind the importance of continuous compliance.

Employers must ensure they have their employees’ consent to continue conducting screening on them throughout their employment. Furthermore, a written policy must clearly reflect when the screenings will occur and why. Most importantly, continuous monitoring must apply equally to all employees to avoid attracting a discrimination suit.

CredentialCheck helps employers optimize their employment screening practices while operating within legal compliance. They are able to tailor the monitoring to suit the unique needs of the industry, whether it be healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, or something different. With CredentialCheck’s assistance, employers can quickly learn if issues arise with their staff after employment that may interfere with their job performance, such as driving under the influence or involvement with a financial crime.