Background Screening Company Explains Why All Employers Should Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Screening.

Today’s phones are more capable than ever before, and people use them in all aspects of their lives—including job searches. By upgrading to a mobile-friendly platform for background screening, employers can deliver a seamless screening process to their future employees.

CredentialCheck, a nationwide background screening company, recommends that employers upgrade to a screening process that is also mobile-friendly. The countless candidates who enjoy the ease of browsing on their phones and tablets while job hunting would prefer for that seamless experience to extend to the screening process as well. Plus, they are more likely to be engaged and have a good experience if it is available in a form that is convenient to them.

It is especially important for remote workforce candidates to be able to enter information and sign documents on their mobile devices. They will be expecting a comfortable work experience even though they aren’t in the office, so a mobile-friendly screening process will make a good first impression.

Most of all, being mobile-friendly indicates that a company utilizes up-to-date technology and is committed to modern work experience, making them more attractive to highly qualified candidates. To make the best possible impression on future employees, choosing the right screening partner is crucial. CredentialCheck is proud to be an industry leader in pre-employment background checks, providing a convenient experience for both employers and applicants.

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