Background Screening Company Helps Employers Trim Down Long Turnaround Times.

Currently, many processes are taking longer than desirable due to a variety of issues; unfortunately, interviewing has been impacted as well. CredentialCheck, a nationwide background screening company, strives to reduce long turnaround times for its clients.

Long interview times are plaguing employers of all sizes and from all industries, slowing down the hiring process and creating delays that ripple across the organization. Optimizing every aspect of interviewing candidates, including pre-employment screening services, is important to trim down turnaround.

CredentialCheck is known for making employee background checks quick without compromising the accuracy or thoroughness of their reports. Most of their screening services are completed within 48 hours and usually sooner. As a PBSA Accredited screener, they also regard quality and legal compliance with the utmost importance, striving to deliver exceptional experiences to their clients every time.

Some clients do not understand why background checks aren’t instantaneous; they assume that screening is a matter of searching a centralized database. In reality, gathering and verifying the information employers need is a much clunkier and more complicated process with multiple data points to consider.

The role of businesses like CredentialCheck is to streamline the procedure to reduce the time and stress involved without introducing errors. Employers can assist by ensuring job candidates turn in accurate and complete applications that collect enough identifiers to pinpoint the individual being screened with 100% confidence.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand which screening options are most likely to increase turnaround time. For example, education verification, prior employment verification, and reference checks tend to take longer because schools and other companies are under no obligation to respond quickly to inquiries. The CredentialCheck team works with its clients to determine which employee background checks are most useful for the company’s specific needs.

Call (888) 689-2000 to learn more about how CredentialCheck reduces turnaround time during the hiring process. Information about their pre-employment screening services can also be found on their website. Their company is based in Troy, Michigan, and serves employers from various industries nationwide.