SSN Trace.

The SSN trace helps point you in the right direction.

CredentialCheck uses more than 300 data sources to find out where a Social Security number has been used.

What is an SSN Trace?

CredentialCheck’s SSN trace is a search that finds names and addresses that have been used with a Social Security number. This check is best used together with our criminal searches to locate relevant criminal jurisdictions for your subject..

Why should you use an SSN Trace?

Criminal records are stored by name and date of birth. Do you know all of your applicant’s aliases and former names?

The trace may uncover names that the applicant didn’t provide to you. Those names can then be checked for criminal history or other issues that may be of concern to you.

Applicants may not give you their Social Security number.

Some applicants use another person’s Social Security number because they’re trying to hide information about their past. Results of an SSN trace can be used with other checks to make sure we’re considering all names and jurisdictions associated with your applicant.

Where does CredentialCheck get SSN Trace information from?

A Social Security number is required to open many types of accounts. When a bank or credit card provider asks for your Social Security number, that information is reported to the credit bureaus.

Background check providers can access those named and addresses. CredentialCheck also compares the SSN an applicant provides to the Social Security Administration Death Master File.

It’s important to remember that this is not a credit check. It doesn’t involve credit scores, and it doesn’t affect an applicant’s credit.

The only information that is returned from the SSN trace is the names and addresses that have been used with the SSN, and whether the number is located on the Death Master File.

Why choose a partner for SSN trace?

  • Reduce risk: CredentialCheck combines the SSN trace with other background checks. By partnering with us, you reduce risk that you’ll hire an applicant who isn’t qualified for the position.
  • Hire faster: Background screening is a time consuming process. CredentialCheck will reduce the time that your staff spends gathering a candidate’s address history by running this background check instead.
  • Save money: Time is money. CredentialCheck has an efficient system for background screening services. Why spend on internal resources for background checks when you can find a trusted partner?

Contact CredentialCheck for more information.

If you would like to start getting better screening, contact CredentialCheck for an estimate. We will use the Social Security number trace as well as other tools to make sure that you find the right applicant.

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