Education Verification.

Verify an applicant's education to be sure that each applicant is qualified.

33% of job applicants lie about their academic degree.1 Some even pay to have a fake diploma made from a real university. Our education verification check gives you confidence in your hiring decisions.

Why choose a partner for education verification?

  • Reduce risk: When you verify an applicant’s education history, you reduce the risk that you’ll hire somebody who isn’t qualified for the job.
  • Hire faster: Verifying education with in-house staff can be costly and time consuming. CredentialCheck can finish a background check faster, saving you time.
  • Save money: We save you money be processing background checks quickly. And we save you the cost associated with hiring somebody who isn’t qualified.

How does CredentialCheck verify education?

Our verification team contacts the schools an applicant included on their resume and/or application. This includes high schools, colleges and trade schools. We verify the following information:

  • Institution attended
  • Dates of attendance and graduation
  • Degree obtained
  • Major field of study

Some information cannot be verified because of school policies. This often includes GPA and disciplinary actions.

Custom verifications with specific requirements are available upon request.

Start verifying education history for your applicants

Education verification is one of many background screening services that CredentialCheck offers. Contact us to start getting better screening and better hiring.


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