Professional References.

We’ll interview your applicants’ references to learn more than what’s on their resume.

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53% of job applications contain false or embellished information.1 A professional reference interview gathers information about the applicant’s work habits and skill level. This information will provide more confidence in your hiring choices.

How does CredentialCheck conduct references?

CredentialCheck contacts the references listed on an application. Our team interviews these references to learn more about the applicant. This information is included in a report that you’ll receive after the background check.

Custom references with specific requirements are available upon request.

Why choose a partner for reference verification?

  • Reduce risk: Employment reference checks can help you find something that an applicant hid on the resume. This reduces your risk of hiring somebody who isn’t qualified.
  • Hire faster: Reference interviews are a time-consuming process, especially coupled with the other tasks involved in hiring. Our team is fine-tuned to handle reference checks, and provide a quick turnaround.
  • Save money: Hiring an experienced partner for background screening services saves you money as well as time.

Reference interviews give you information beyond what you’d get from an HR department. Somebody who has worked with the applicant will help you learn more about him or her.

Is the applicant manageable? What are his or her skills? Is he or she a positive impact to office culture? These are a few of the questions we may be able to get answers to with a pre-employment reference check.

Get reference checking services for your business

Reference verification is one of the many background check services that CredentialCheck provides. Contact us today to learn how you can get better screening and better hiring.

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