Beyond Background Checks: How to Hire the Ideal Candidate, According to CredentialCheck.

Hiring the ideal candidate is easier said than done, but CredentialCheck strives to give employers the tools they need to make hiring decisions with greater confidence. Read on for key hiring tips about interviewing, background checks, and more.


Finding the right person for a role goes beyond just looking at their qualifications. It requires a strategic approach to identifying the specific traits and skills that are essential for the job—and verifying that the candidate has them. Here are a few tips on how to hire the ideal candidate.


Firstly, define the company’s culture, mission, and values to understand the type of individual that will best suit the team. Look beyond the hard qualifications and ask about their work habits, goals, and motivation. However, remember that having a diverse team can be advantageous due to the different perspectives that each person brings.


Secondly, create detailed job descriptions and communicate them to candidates during interviews. It’s vital to define the level of experience, skills, and responsibilities that come with the job. This process makes it easier to confidently identify candidates who have the qualifications required for the job.


Thirdly, prepare well-structured interviews. Use an evaluation scorecard to grade and compare the performance of candidates across key criteria. Plus, whenever possible, utilize behavior-based interviewing techniques. For example, ask candidates to describe how they have handled specific challenges in previous positions or present them with a hypothetical scenario involving a difficult situation and ask them how they would handle it.


Fourthly, test the candidate on the required skills for the job. Testing may involve giving a brief sales presentation or completing a practical task that reflects their job description.


Lastly, take the time to check the candidate’s references—or hire a professional to do it. Reference verification services are available to confirm the candidate’s work history and past performance through speaking with previous employers and colleagues.


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