Companies Nationwide are Integrating Employee Background Screenings with Applicant Tracking Systems.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) boost efficiency and create a better experience for both candidates and the hiring team. By integrating employee background screening into ATS, employers can make the process even more productive and rewarding.

As a leading background screening company, CredentialCheck has extensive experience with integrating its solutions into a range of ATS platforms. They have found that their clients frequently enjoy the following benefits thanks to integration:

Increasing Productivity

Improving Report Accuracy

Decreasing Data Entry Errors

Enhancing Candidate Experience

Furthermore, the hiring teams are able to manage their candidates from within one system and eliminate the need for multiple logins. The onboarding experience also becomes more efficient in many cases. For these reasons and more, companies of all sizes and from all industries are seeking to integrate their applicant tracking systems with their background screening solutions.

Integration is simple in many cases for CredentialCheck’s clients. The specific process depends upon the ATS platform the company uses. After it is complete, hiring managers can seamlessly manage background screening from their usual ATS without any additional sign-in credentials or any need to leave the program. Ordering background checks, getting status updates, and reviewing the results will be done within the ATS.

Companies that are not currently utilizing an applicant tracking system can also reach out to CredentialCheck for a recommendation. Their team has been exposed to many different ATS options, giving them a unique perspective on them and the ability to make a recommendation that is tailored to the client’s needs and unbiased.