CredentialCheck Explains Everything Employers Need for Successful Education Verification Services.

Since it is common for job candidates to exaggerate or lie about their education credentials, employers should verify their claims. However, key information must be collected for education verification services to be processed efficiently and deliver accurate results.

Verifying a job candidate’s education typically involves contacting the school registrar to confirm the type of degree the individual has earned, any honors they received, and their date of completion. Depending on the client’s needs, additional services can also be verified such as; other education-related claims, such as certifications, professional licenses, and even grade point averages.

Like any other kind of pre-employment screening, identifying information must be collected from the candidate to complete verification. The basic need-to-know details are their full name, any aliases, Social Security number, date of birth, current and past addresses, and driver’s license number. These details are essentially the same as routine criminal background checks. However, to facilitate the process and boost confidence in the candidate, an employer may also ask for:

Name and Address of Last School Attended

Name and Address of High School (or GED Program)

Name and Address of Any Colleges/Universities Attended

Dates of Enrollment

Degree Name



With these details, nearly any question an employer may have about a candidate’s education can be answered. Note that in addition to verifying degrees, the thousands of different professional licenses and certificates that are earned via an exam can also be verified. This is called professional license verification, and it can be completed alongside or separately from education verification.

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