CredentialCheck Explains Improving Candidate Experience While Running Background Checks on Employees.

The current job market favors employees, so employers nationwide are stepping up their recruitment efforts to attract talented candidates more effectively. Making improvements to the application and screening process can yield significant returns on recruitment.

CredentialCheck helps employers nationwide with everything from maintaining legal compliance during recruitment to running a background check on employees. Thanks to their experience, they have seen firsthand the current recruitment struggles in multiple industries, as well as the factors that lead to greater success. They recommend taking the following steps to improve job candidate experience and improve hiring efforts.

First, treat every applicant as if they are a client. Customers evaluate products and services to make a choice they feel confident in—job applicants are the same. The application process should feel not only welcoming but enticing for them, demonstrating why this employer should be the top choice over other opportunities. Some ways to entice applicants is to shorten the application itself and remove redundancies so that it requires less time to fill out and to craft job descriptions that stand out from their competition.

Second, employers should increase the frequency of their communication with applicants. People don’t appreciate being left in the dark about whether their application has been received and reviewed or when they can expect to hear about a decision. Boosting both automated messaging and human check-ins will give applicants a more favorable impression of the employer.

Finally, streamlining the screening process by partnering with a background check service like CredentialCheck can also make a big difference in candidate experience. A trusted company will make the screening as quick and seamless as possible while also giving the applicant greater confidence that their private information will be handled respectfully.

To learn more about how partnering with CredentialCheck improves the overall job candidate experience, call (888) 689-2000. Details about their pre-employment screening solutions can also be found on their website. Their company is based in Troy, MI, and serves businesses and other organizations throughout the United States.