CredentialCheck Explains Why Background Check Services are Necessary for Senior Care Facilities.

Senior care services are highly in-demand across the United States, resulting in numerous caregivers and other staff being hired daily. However, to keep our nation’s elders safe and healthy, it is important to utilize thorough background check services before hiring.


Elders are vulnerable to neglect, abuse, fraud, and other crimes. To protect them, senior care facilities must hire trustworthy employees, so they work with pre-employment screening companies like CredentialCheck. Background screening verifies the identity of the caregiver, as well as their job history, education, and references, to give employers, patients, and their families greater peace of mind. All parties can rest assured that the staff have a good background for elder care and are dependable.


Background checks aren’t just necessary to confirm an individual’s identity but also to ensure job candidates have no red flags that threaten patient safety. Federal law prohibits senior care facilities from hiring someone to a direct access position if they have committed violence or neglect against a patient. Likewise, most states require criminal background checks for senior care professionals, looking into all relevant local, regional, and federal criminal record data sources. Drug and alcohol screening may also be included for extra precautions.


In addition to protecting patients, background checks also safeguard senior care facilities from potential liability issues. If an unfortunate incident occurs, the employer can demonstrate that they did their due diligence during the hiring process. Partnering with a reputable third-party screener like CredentialCheck is the best way to maximize protection for both patients and employers.


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