CredentialCheck Explains Why Background Checks Still Matter During Remote Hiring.

Due to COVID-19, working remotely has become more common than ever among employers in a broad range of industries. CredentialCheck explains why background checks remain crucial for employers when hiring local and long-distance employees for remote positions.


In today’s post-pandemic world, more companies have embraced working from home to increase employee satisfaction and broaden their potential talent pool over a wider area. However, this shift also mean companies are faced with new hiring challenges, such as learning how to screen remote employees effectively and legally. Failure to perform proper background screening on newly hired remote workers can lead to devastating outcomes that cost companies financially and legally.


Since remote job applicants often aren’t interviewed in person and are less likely to be referred by an existing employee, it is especially important to gather as much data as possible about them to avoid hiring a poor fit. A thorough background check provides insightful criminal records, driving records, and other public records that can help hiring teams make better-informed decisions. Furthermore, detailed screening also provides businesses with an added layer of protection against potential liability and safety issues.


However, employers must also be careful to adhere to all relevant federal, state, and local regulations regarding pre-employment screening services for remote workers. The state where an applicant resides might have different regulations than the state where the business is headquartered. Failure to comply with an applicant’s state regulations may result in financial penalties and other consequences. Partnering with a company like CredentialCheck is a good way for businesses to get thorough screenings of remote applicants while adhering to the relevant regulations.


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