CredentialCheck Explains Why Pre-Employment Driving Record Searches Aren’t Just for Drivers.

Pre-employment driving record searches can sometimes surprise people applying for jobs that aren’t focused on driving. CredentialCheck explains why this special type of screening is often used for all types of roles—and what applicants can expect from the search.

It makes sense to look into the driving history of someone who will be taking out a company’s trucks or utilizing their personal car for job duties. However, it can seem baffling to be asked to undergo this screening when not applying for a driving-focused position. The reasoning behind these driving history checks is to get a better sense of how responsible job candidates are. After all, if a person has a pattern of behaving recklessly behind the wheel, they may not be the best fit for a role that requires them to exercise caution.

The following are some items that may appear on a motor vehicle report:

Driving Privileges
Traffic Violations

DUIs & Other Substance-Related Incidents
Vehicular Accidents

Traffic Fines & Convictions

Obviously, it is preferable to have as clean of a driving record as possible, but most employers won’t be concerned by common, small-time violations like a single speeding ticket. However, something to be aware of is that a candidate may pass a drug test but still have substance issues revealed by a driving history check.

How far back these record searches go varies across the country. Job applicants should do research on their local laws to determine what may or may not show up in their driving history if an employer searches through it.

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