CredentialCheck Outlines Why Background Checks Are Crucial for Non-Profit Organizations.

Non-profit organizations often have limited resources compared to their for-profit counterparts, but they still must ensure the safety of their staff, volunteers, and the people they serve. Running cost-effective background checks is the best way to avoid costly mistakes.


Non-profit organizations rely heavily on their staff and volunteers to achieve their goals. However, these same people must be screened to ensure they do not pose a risk to the community. Without background checks, non-profit organizations may expose themselves to various litigation risks, as well as reputational and financial damage.


Background screening services protect the internal staff and the people they serve from harm. Before onboarding a new team member, organizations should be aware of any criminal convictions or high-risk behaviors that might pose a threat to the non-profit’s mission—especially if that team member will be interacting with a vulnerable population. For instance, sexual offenders and individuals with a history of violence or drug abuse are generally not deemed suitable candidates for non-profits.


In addition, screening gives organizations a better understanding of the person’s suitability for a position. Conducting standard criminal history checks is not enough; non-profits should verify a candidate’s credentials to ensure they possess the necessary skills and experience to carry out their role effectively. Most non-profits run on a tight budget, so it’s imperative that every person (especially paid staff) carries their weight.


Background check companies like CredentialCheck can tailor screening to suit the specific needs of non-profit organizations in every field. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to screening, so their team recommends checks based on whether the screening is for a paid or volunteer position, as well as the job duties.


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