CredentialCheck Sheds Light on the Importance of SSN Trace for Background Checks.

CredentialCheck, a leading provider of comprehensive background screening services, is highlighting the importance and utility of Social Security Number (SSN) trace in their suite of background check services.


An SSN trace is a crucial pre-discovery tool in the process of comprehensive background screening. It involves searching databases, including credit card companies, schools, utilities, and lending institutions, using a Social Security number. The resulting information includes the year and state where the SSN was issued, associated names, and address history.


CredentialCheck emphasizes that an SSN trace does not confirm a candidate’s identity but provides an indication of the validity of the provided SSN. It serves as a “pointer” search used to cast a wide net when conducting a comprehensive background check. The results of an SSN trace can help identify jurisdictions where employers may wish to conduct additional searches, such as criminal background checks.


However, it’s important to note that SSN trace results are not reportable and should not be used for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) purposes. Instead, they act as a stepping stone for more in-depth screenings, such as county criminal background checks.


By incorporating an SSN trace into its background screening services, CredentialCheck helps businesses spot potential issues early in the hiring process, such as discrepancies between candidate-submitted information and the data associated with the Social Security number.


CredentialCheck continues to be committed to providing robust and compliant background screening services, helping businesses across the country make informed hiring decisions.


To learn more about CredentialCheck’s Social Security trace search services, please reach out to their helpful staff via their website. A leading provider of comprehensive background screening solutions, CredentialCheck is committed to providing its clients with accurate, timely, and legally compliant information. This assists businesses and organizations in making informed decisions when it comes to hiring or providing services.