Employee Background Screening Company Outlines the Keys for Finding Top Talent.

Hiring and onboarding are time-consuming and costly processes, so it’s important to find the right person, especially for vital positions. CredentialCheck, a nationwide employee background screening service, offers advice on identifying true top talent in any field.

Every hiring manager knows that people with great resumes and interviewing skills don’t always turn out to be the best hires. How then can employers identify the top talent for their roles? The experts at CredentialCheck recommend taking these steps.

First, recognize the importance of soft skills. Valuable traits like creativity, adaptability, time management, respectfulness, and so on are typically more difficult to learn or improve than hard, technical skills. Plus, well-developed soft skills often enable candidates to quickly adopt the other necessary skills for the role. Hiring managers should take note of the soft skills that matter most for the given position and look for these in their applicants as well.

Next, look within the company for pre-existing talent. Every company has ambitious, adept people who would welcome to opportunity to rise within their organization. Onboarding an employee into a role is typically much quicker than onboarding a brand-new hire. Plus, their complete performance record at the company will be available for the hiring managers to review and translate into their potential for the open position.

Finally, leverage trusted referrals. Whether people are recommended by existing employees or a reputable candidate referral network, referred candidates typically come with more insight into their past performance and are better fits for the company culture. However, it is still important to thoroughly examine each applicant and put them through pre-employment screening before making a job offer.

Call CredentialCheck at (888) 689-2000 to learn more about how their screening services aid talent searches. Information about their background checks and other solutions can be found on their website. Their company is headquartered in Troy, MI, and serves employers across the nation from a variety of industries.