Employers Nationwide Rely Upon Occupational Health Screenings: CredentialCheck Explains Why.

Safety is a top concern for all employers, especially those in hazardous or high-risk industries where a mistake on the job could endanger employees, clients, or the general public. Drug Testing and Health Screening Services play an important role in preventing accidents and more.

Not all jobs necessitate health and drug screenings, but they are of the utmost importance for those who do need them. For example, transportation and construction roles often require drug testing and health screenings services to reduce the risk of accidents occurring while large trucks or heavy machinery are in use. Likewise, other careers require pre-employment drug testing to determine whether candidates are appropriate for a given position. The following are some of the key benefits of this type of screening.

Reduced Workplace Injuries: When all staff members are in good physical and mental condition, everyone is safer. The workplace safety aspect is the most important benefit of health screenings for both employers and employees, especially in fields with high rates of workplace injuries.

Increased Performance: Jobs that demand a high level of technical skills and knowledge typically have assessments—physically demanding jobs are the same. Teams see increased performance when each member is in good health. Plus, routine physical examinations empower individuals to take better care of their health and catch potential illnesses early on.

Improved Team Morale: If someone is not fit for work, it slows the entire team down and generates frustration. By screening staff for health issues that may affect their performance—including substance abuse problems—it is easier to form teams where everyone does their duty well and doesn’t feel they must pick up slack for another employee.

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