Nationwide Background Check Company Explains What Happens After Screening.

Countless job seekers undergo background checks every day, but many of them are not sure what to expect from the process. CredentialCheck, a background check company serving employers across the nation, explains what happens after screening ends.

Screening procedures vary across businesses and roles. However, some elements of the process remain true across the board. When the employer receives the completed background check, they will likely take some time to review it and see if they have any questions or concerns about the candidate. That said, it is encouraged for applicants to politely follow up if they believe ample time has gone by; a busy hiring manager might need a reminder to check the report.

In most cases, the applicant passes the screening and moves on to the next stage of hiring consideration. However, sometimes a pre-employment background check might raise a questionable flag. When this occurs, federal regulations kick in to protect the applicant.

For example, if an employer decides not to hire a candidate based on something uncovered during a background check, the Fair Credit Reporting Act dictates that they must provide the candidate with a copy of the report and a summary of their legal rights. Other adverse action procedures must also be followed to ensure fair hiring. These procedures give job candidates a chance to review their reports and either dispute mistakes or clarify matters.

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