Nationwide Background Check Company Explains Why Candidates’ Screening Experiences Matter.

While it is typical for employers to focus more on their end of pre-employment screening, the candidate’s experience is just as important. CredentialCheck, an industry-leading background check company, explains the impact that smooth screening can have on a job candidate.

When done right, job candidate screening should be quick, secure, and seamless for both the employer and the candidate. However, a poor screening experience will leave the candidate feeling frustrated and concerned about their privacy.

They may feel as though they have been burdened with extra work and delays, giving them a poor impression of the employer before their relationship formally begins. The applicant may be so put off by their negative screening experience that they share it on social platforms, causing future candidates to reconsider applying to the company. In the worst-case scenario, a promising candidate may even turn down the employer’s offer due to a poor screening experience. A study by PwC found that 49% of job seekers have turned down an offer because of a disorganized or frustrating hiring process.

Fortunately, avoiding these downsides is relatively simple, according to the experts at CredentialCheck. CredentialCheck helps businesses and organizations across the nation simplify their hiring processes with efficient and compliant screening services. They recommend choosing a user-friendly platform that both hiring managers and candidates will find easy to use, as well as clear and concise information provided throughout the process. Likewise, they recommend that employers communicate clearly about their data privacy practices—and follow them closely. Finally, candidates should always be aware of the expected timeline for the process.