Nationwide Background Check Company Explains Why Employment Verification Still Matters.

Many companies are hiring extensively, so it might seem sensible to speed up the process by removing unnecessary steps. However, employment verification remains vital due to the high degree of falsified information found in resumes and other factors.

According to industry research, about half of all resumes contain incorrect information. Unfortunately, most businesses lack the internal resources to follow up on the details, leading to costly hiring mistakes. Partnering with a reputable background check company like CredentialCheck is the best way to ensure correct information is being returned and considered when looking at open positions and employment verification services. The following are some of the top reasons why employers must not cut verification from their hiring process.

Protecting Productivity: In most cases of resume fraud, the applicant exaggerates or completely falsifies their qualifications. While this may seem relatively harmless, hiring someone who isn’t fit for the position will not only yield poor performance on their part but also slow down their coworker’s productivity.

Workplace Safety: In more extreme cases, an applicant may conceal part of their work history to avoid revealing past actions, such as workplace harassment or theft. While these actions may not show up in a criminal background check, they can be uncovered by checking in with each of the applicant’s previous employers.

Hiring Confidence and Character: It’s impossible to be 100% certain that the right person was hired. However, employment verification does increase hiring confidence significantly. The background check company will confirm the applicant’s current and previous jobs, including how long they spent in the role, their job title, what their performance was like, and the reason for their departure. With this information in hand, hiring managers can make more informed decisions.

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