Nationwide Background Check Company Serves Regulated Industries with Customized Services.

Several major industries are required by law to run certain screening processes on their staff before and during employment for the safety of all. CredentialCheck, a nationwide background check company, outlines how screening can vary by industry.

While background checks are common in all industries, some industries must adhere to specific screening regulations in order to prevent accidents and crime. Some of the biggest examples are transportation, healthcare, and finance. CredentialCheck serves clients from these fields and more, working diligently to ensure all relevant regulations are met.

Drivers working in the transportation industry are subject to driving history checks, including any DUI/DWI convictions. Depending on their position, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) may also require certain drug testing and DOT physical examinations to ensure the person is capable of performing their job duties safely.

Doctors, nurses, and others in the healthcare field hold significant power over their patient’s well-being. Thus, they typically undergo criminal background checks and license verifications to check that they have really earned the credentials they are claiming. Furthermore, some positions might necessitate checking healthcare-specific watchlists for individuals who have committed fraud against federally funded healthcare programs or received professional sanctions.

Finally, since finance workers handle sensitive information and have access to clients’ funds, they must be screened thoroughly. Employers should perform criminal background checks on applicants and verify professional licenses such as those for Certified Public Accountants. Likewise, it’s common to run credit reports on finance job candidates to look for any tax liens, bankruptcies, unpaid bills, civil judgments, and so on.

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