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Our company's extensive set of competencies and business processes have been refined since 1984 enabling us to consistently provide the highest-caliber services to businesses of every size.

Simplifying the Complex. Driving Value.

CredentialCheck® screening services empower companies to quickly make informed decisions through an array of services and technologies designed to meet a diverse set of company needs. Our core competencies include Employment Screening, Contractor/Supplier Compliance and Volunteer Screening. Each screening arena presents a number of complexities that can be managed through our technologies to simplify and streamline a multitude of related processes. All solutions can be branded for our client to enhance the experience of all users and candidates.

Focus on Compliance

In addition to our robust technology offering is our ability to provide compliance guidance and legislative monitoring. Our exceptional visibility over the legislative landscape ensures clients stay abreast of regulatory activity and legislative and compliance requirements at the state and federal levels. Credential Check maintains strict compliance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements and supports client compliance requirements through technology.

Consumer Ethics

Throughout all aspects of the screening process, full consideration has been given as to how the consumer (applicant) who is being checked will be impacted and the highest standard of ethics and ease applied. As a testament to this commitment, Credential Check promotes ethics in screening by certifying that business operations are not offshored. Another example is our commitment that information is verified directly with the source to an extent beyond what the law requires to protect our clients from undue liability and to uphold the rights of individuals that are subject to the screening process.

Service Excellence

At the core of CredentialCheck®'s foundation is an unwavering commitment to service excellence. Enhancements to our technology often are not background screening related but functionality added simply to help make our clients' jobs easier. We are committed to providing accurate, timely and compliant information coupled with outstanding service.

Client Inquiries

Client inquiries are responded to immediately and if a message is left, it will be returned within 30 minutes.

Real Time Status Updates

Real-Time Status updates are posted automatically each time searches are touched by our staff and are viewable for each individual search.

Service Button

A service button is embedded on each search which passes all necessary search details directly to our client services team for seamless communication of questions.

Focus on Results

The entire company is aware of key metrics achieved on a daily basis such as turnaround times and first call closes from our verifications call center.

Split Level Decisioning

Tiered decisioning ensures flagged results are expedited for review by the proper personnel.