A platform your team will love

Designed for clients and candidates with superior functionality, usability, and value compared to competitors


Scalable and Flexible

Adaptable to the evolving needs of business and hiring volume, multi-location support, and can scale to meet the needs of growing organizations without sacrificing performance or user experience

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Enhanced Security Measures

Prioritize data security and compliance with industry standards, such as encryption, access controls, audit trails, and regular security audits that protect sensitive candidate information from unauthorized access or breaches

Batch screening

Real-Time Reporting

Gain insights from screening data real-time and make informed decisions. Customizable reports, trend analysis, and data visualization tools that empower users to identify patterns and trends

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HRIS and ATS Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with popular HRIS and ATS and take advantage of unified data management, streamlined workflows, and centralized access to candidate information

Easy Integrations

Initiate and view background checks within your selected ATS or HRIS system with just a few clicks.
Reduce duplicate data, stop manual entry errors, decrease time to hire, and
INCREASE workforce productivity.