Criminal Background Check Products

Criminal background checks promote accountability amongst your candidate pool while confirming information at the source. Our sophisticated screening process protects the integrity of your hiring while reinforcing honesty amongst applicants.

CredentialCheck tailors your criminal search needs with our adaptive approach to ensure your company requirements are met while mitigating risk for your organization. 

County Criminal Search

 The County/Central Court is considered the court or courts in which felonies and most misdemeanors are adjudicated. The County is considered the originating source of criminal records. The Central Court is also referred to as the “County Seat”. Confirmation of records found in a variety of database searches, including state and national criminal searches.

Statewide Criminal Search

A criminal search that is performed through available statewide criminal databases. Statewide criminal databases typically contain arrest records that may lack a final disposition; therefore, a county criminal search is often run in concurrence to ensure maximum possible accuracy.



National Criminal Plus

A nationwide, multi-jurisdictional database comprised of thousands of sources including criminal data, state repositories, township courts, department of corrections, national sex offender registries, and international security sources. A national search is accompanied by a county criminal search on any possible records to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

Federal Criminal Search

A national search that is performed at a federal court level that includes district access to 94 jurisdictions, including national, state, and district courts. This is a name match-only service that includes available public felony and misdemeanor records within a 7-year search scope. Additionally, to enhance search results, we will not return cases that were filed before the subjects submitted DOB and within fifteen years post the subjects submitted DOB, to comply with the federal age restrictions.



National Sex Offender Registry

Our National Sex Offender Registry product searches sex offender registries for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. Territories, and additional contributing registries.