One-Stop Solution for
Background Screening

We know large enterprises require a wide range of background screening services to meet your diverse hiring needs. CredentialCheck offers comprehensive solutions with complete customization and flexibility to meet your unique workflows, timelines, and compliance requirements.  


Enterprises operate on a large scale, with high volumes of hiring and screening activities. They need background check providers that can scale their services to accommodate fluctuating demand, whether it's due to seasonal hiring spikes or rapid company growth.

Quality and Accuracy

Prioritize the accuracy and reliability of background check results. Advanced screening methodologies, thorough verification processes, and up-to-date databases to deliver high-quality, accurate information.

Compliance Expertise

Awareness of relevant laws and regulations is critical for large enterprises to avoid legal risks and liabilities. CredentialCheck a deep understanding of compliance requirements, including the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) in the United States and necessary EEOC Guidance.

Data Security

Prioritize sensitive candidate information and privacy. Experience robust security measures, such as encryption, secure data storage protocols, access controls, and compliance with industry standards. 

Dedicated Customer Support

Our U.S. based certified experts will provide dedicated support throughout your engagement with availability of account managers, customer success teams, and responsive support channels to address any concerns or issues promptly.

Global Capabilities

International capabilities, including access to global databases, knowledge of local regulations, to accommodate candidates located in different countries. 


Available integrations with existing HR systems, such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), to streamline your hiring processes, minimize manual data entry and ensure data consistency across platforms.

Why Partner with CredentialCheck?

Fast turnaround times
Fast turnaround times
Accuracy is Non-Negotiable
Accuracy is Non-Negotiable
Cost Effective Solutions
Seamless Technology
Seamless Technology
Support by Certified Experts
Support by Certified Experts