Criminal Searches.

Finding the right candidate for positions you need to be filled can be challenging. It isn’t enough for the ideal employee to meets the requirements for a job – they must also demonstrate the ethics and values that your organization maintains.

Ensure quality talent by hiring CredentialCheck. As your background screening company, we provide a variety of services that enhance your odds of identifying the right candidate. Rely on our skill, experience, and use of the latest technology, to assist in expediting the process before you onboard your candidate.

Criminal background checks promote accountability amongst your candidate pool. Our sophisticated screening process protects the integrity of your hiring process while reinforcing honesty amongst applicants. With our services, you will shorten screening times while mitigating risk to your organization.

Our background check services are thorough and highly versatile. We can tailor our services to meet your needs. For instance, we can provide screening at the county, state, and federal levels. Our adaptive approach to employee background screening ensures the best possible resources and puts time back into your day.

County Criminal Search

A criminal search is performed at the county level from the designated central criminal courts, which includes available public felony and misdemeanor records within the requested search scope. The Central Court is considered the court or courts in which felonies and most misdemeanors are adjudicated. The Central Court is also referred to as the “County Seat” Court. The Central Court index may not include all cases that can be found in smaller, local, lower level, outlying or remote municipal courts.

Statewide Criminal Search

A criminal search is performed through available statewide criminal databases. Statewide criminal databases typically contain arrest records that may lack a final disposition; therefore, a county criminal search is often run in concurrence to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

Federal Criminal Search

A criminal search is performed at the federal level from the designated Federal District Courts, which includes available public felony and misdemeanor records within the requested search scope.

National Criminal Index Plus

A nationwide, multi-jurisdictional database comprised of thousands of sources, including criminal data, state-level sexual offender registries, and national and international security sources. A county criminal search is run on any possible records to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

Allow us to simplify your search while protecting the integrity of your organization. Contact our background screening company and request a consultation for our services.

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