Credit Check Services for Employers.

Use employment credit checks to keep your investments safe.

When you’re hiring somebody to handle your company’s funds, it’s essential to know that applicants are responsible for their funds. CredentialCheck’s employment credit check provides a summary of each applicant’s credit history.

Hiring somebody who is not responsible for money can be costly for your business. A bad hire could result in a financial loss for your customers. And it can result in a financial loss for your company.

CredentialCheck offers the following credit reports:

  • Employment
  • Franchisee

Reduce your risk. A credit check will make you more confident that you’re hiring an employee you can trust.

What information does an employment credit check provide?

Credit history is a summary that includes:

  • Balances
  • Payment history
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Bankruptcies

This information can help you decide if a candidate is qualified for financial responsibilities. You can also use information from this report to check for other issues such as criminal history.

Valuable Information to Help in the Hiring Process

Employers know looking at credit reports yields a great deal of useful information. It tells them how a prospective employee handles money for a job in finance or accounting. And it reveals traits and habits that result in potential problems in a new hire. A credit check for employment is essential to have a thorough understanding of an applicant’s character.

When someone is continually late on payments, it can indicate they are not organized in this and perhaps other areas of their life. And it can reflect a weakness in planning. This is problematic for any leadership position with your company.

Reviewing credit check services for employers can give you information about risks to your business operation. For instance, a candidate who carries huge debt or uses most of their available credit can put the company at risk for theft or fraud.

An employee HR background check is essential for all new hires. Still, you want to take it one step farther for those who handle money, customer data, confidential information, and/or sensitive information. It’s a small amount of time and money to use when ensuring prospective employees make strong candidates for hire.

CredentialCheck is FCRA Compliant

Federal law requires CredentialCheck to protect applicant information. Before we provide our clients with credit information, we inspect their facilities under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requirements. These inspections allow us to make sure that clients can keep credit history information safe.

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Protect your company’s assets by hiring people who are responsible for their own. This is only one of CredentialCheck’s suite of background screening services.

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