Motor Vehicle Report.

Knowing an applicant’s driving record may save your company from the cost of accidents.

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In a one-year period, $63 billion in the U.S. was lost because of traffic accidents.1 Make sure that applicants don’t make your company part of that statistic.

What information is included in a driving record check?

CredentialCheck offers a comprehensive pre-employment driving record check. This check will include information such as:

  • Status: Be sure that your applicant has a valid driver’s license.
  • Class & Endorsements: Find out if an applicant is rated to drive the vehicle necessary for the job. This is especially important for commercial driving.
  • Restrictions: Know whether an employee is restricted from driving under certain conditions. This might include driving at night, or driving specific types of vehicles.
  • Accidents: See an accident history for each applicant.
  • Violations: Find out if an applicant has a history of violations. This includes everything from speeding to DUI and reckless driving.

Why should you check a driving record for employment?

You are liable for employees when they drive for business.

A preventable accident can damage your company in several ways. First, there’s the legal fees and insurance costs. Then, there’s damage to your company’s image in the community. The cost of checking a driving history is small compared to those costs.

Driving records can reveal part of an applicant’s character.

Some applicants have a history of total disregard for traffic laws. How can you expect those same applicants to respect your company’s regulations? In what other ways are they careless? A driving record can reveal more about a person than their trustworthiness on the road.

Does CredentialCheck offer CDL driving record checks?

Yes. We check CDL records using the Commercial Driver’s License Information System. The CDLIS is a nationwide system that allows background screening provides to find out where a driver has held a CDL.

Why choose a partner for driving record checks?

  • Reduce risk: CredentialCheck is experienced in checking driving records to ensure that you don’t hire applicants that will put your company at risk.
  • Hire faster: We can process driving record checks faster than your internal resources.
  • Save money: Partnering with CredentialCheck will save you money by reducing the time and resources you spend on screening.

Choose CredentialCheck for your Driving Record Checks

Save your company from the cost of car accidents. Make smarter hires by choosing CredentialCheck for your background screening needs. Contact us today to get an estimate.



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