Verification Services.

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Education Verification

Verification of degree and/or attendance from the issuing accredited institutions including high schools, colleges and universities, and trade schools. Also available are custom verifications with steps and requirements as specified by the client.

Previous & Current Employment Verification

Verification of current and/or previous employment through official company sources such as human resources or payroll. CredentialCheck will verify previous and/or current dates of employment, job title, and if available, job performance, the reason for departure and eligibility for rehire. Also available are custom verifications which includes custom steps and requirements as specified by the client. Learn more

Professional References

Professional reference interview that gathers information on the subject’s works habits, manageability, skill level, and other valuable characteristics. Also available are custom references which include custom questions and requirements as specified by the client. Learn more

Professional License Validation

Verification of licenses, certifications, and other credentials. CredentialCheck confirms status, date of issue, renewal and expiration dates, and any disciplinary action, if available. Learn more

What our clients say about us

Human Resource/Staffing

The customer service is great, we run our background checks with ease through CredentialCheck.


You all have amazing customer service.


Fast and efficient!


The turnaround time on the drug screens have been very impressive!


Thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate the courteous service all your team members provide in such a prompt manner.


You guys are amazing!!!!


Always friendly. Easy to follow instructions and patient with my questions.