May 13, 2024

Highlighting the Importance of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Recent analyses, including those from Quest Diagnostics, show a notable rise in positive drug tests among US workers, reaching a 20-year high in 2021.

The surge in positive drug tests is particularly evident in sectors not subject to federally mandated drug testing. This suggests an urgent call to action for employers striving to maintain safe, productive, and drug-free work environments.

In this evolving landscape, it is important to have robust pre-employment drug test protocols and ongoing background checks as foundational components of effective workplace safety and integrity policies.

The increase in positive drug tests reflects broader shifts in societal views on drug use. However, the repercussions on workplace safety and performance remain unequivocal. Employers face heightened risks of workplace accidents, increased absenteeism, reduced productivity, and potentially higher insurance premiums.

In response, CredentialCheck advocates for a proactive approach. Employers are encouraged to work closely with experienced drug screening providers to analyze trends, update their drug testing protocols, and consider introducing new testing methodologies, such as instant oral fluid testing, to adapt to changing norms and regulations.

We remain committed to helping businesses create safer, more productive work environments amid changing legislative landscapes and societal norms around drug use. Through comprehensive background checks and cutting-edge pre-employment drug testing, they provide employers with the support necessary to make informed hiring decisions, protect their workforce, and uphold the integrity of their workplace.

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