1,500 Employees / 90 Locations


A major community bank is facing challenges in effectively and consistently processing their Adverse Action procedures. Their HR team manually prepares all the required documentation and then physically mails it to their applicants. This process is very time-consuming and very inconsistent across their numerous branch locations. Sometimes the Adverse Action requirements aren’t completed at all.


CredentialCheck provided this institution with a customized program for their Adverse Action needs to ensure timely and full compliance. The new account setup allowed the bank to quickly and easily order the Adverse Action service directly from CredentialCheck’s system. Immediately upon receipt of the order, all required Adverse documentation is emailed to the applicant along with a notification to the client.


CredentialCheck’s tailored solution streamlined the Adverse Action process. HR no longer needed to manually track when notifications were sent or to prepare and address envelopes. CredentialCheck’s Adverse Action process ensured the notifications contained the most up-to-date adverse language and were sent timely. This new and more efficient process helped the bank maintain consistency, assure compliance, and reduce risk across all branches.