5,000 Employees / 11 Locations


A large, long-standing, global investment firm aimed to enhance its risk management practices and maintain regulatory compliance by implementing comprehensive background screening services for its employees. With the increasing regulatory scrutiny and the need to mitigate risks, this company recognized the importance of a thorough onboarding process, including background checks, to ensure the integrity and sustainability of its workforce.


CredentialCheck designed customized screening packages that addressed the specific requirements of each role and included the specific services needed for each position. CredentialCheck streamlined the institution’s overall onboarding process through an integration with their existing HRIS platform.


The customized screening packages eliminated the guesswork for the HR team and saved time by creating a pre-populated, easy one-click selection process based on the position title. The integration of background screening services within the HRIS platform resulted in streamlined workflows, reduced administrative burden and cost, and faster turnaround times for this client. This efficiency keeps them compliant and provides optimal cost savings and improved operational effectiveness.