Privacy Policy.


Credential Check Corporation has established policies and procedures dedicated to maintaining the privacy of personal information while providing its clients with the necessary information for making informed decisions involving background screening. In most cases, our clients represent current and or potential employers of individuals that have provided personal information in connection with their candidacy for employment. This policy incorporates the practices of CredentialCheck as they pertain to data submitted by clients via the CredentialCheck Website, and to other information secured from third parties and other sources in connection with delivering background screening to our clients. All data is collected, stored and delivered in compliance with applicable law, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the European Union Data Protection Directive and other national laws.

CredentialCheck also extends its privacy policies and procedures to residents of the Member States of the European Union and other countries where data protection policies are in place, with regard to data provided by such residents as part of CredentialCheck’ delivery of background screening services. These policies and procedures apply to data submitted to CredentialCheck by its clients or the employees and or prospective employees of its clients residing in Member States of the European Union or other countries where data protection policies are in place and CredentialCheck has registered with the appropriate data protection authority.

Non-Personal Information

CredentialCheck sometimes collects and stores non-personal data submitted by individuals that are neither clients nor employees or prospective employees of clients and are inquiring about services provided by CredentialCheck. This data is collected for market analysis purposes.

Personal Information

Data submitted to or retrieved from the CredentialCheck Website is subject to the following policies, procedures and principles:


CredentialCheck’ data is transferred utilizing secure socket layer (SSL) technology and is User ID and Password protected. Our servers reside in a secure environment protected from unauthorized access, natural disaster, fire or other compromising conditions. All processes take place at co-located facilities in separate regions of the United States, so even in the event of a regional disaster; your personal data remains secure.

Use of Information

CredentialCheck’ clients provide personal information regarding their employees or prospective employees via our Website ( when placing an order for background screening services. Information provided may include but is not limited to your residential history, personal history including name, date of birth, Social Security Number, Motor Vehicle Operator’s License Number, Professional License information, employment history, education and other credentials. CredentialCheck will use information provided by the client and subject of the order, along with any other information provided by third-parties, only for the execution of producing a background screening report for the client placing the order.

While executing orders for our clients, CredentialCheck may transfer personal information between our Website, our client and our client’s employee or prospective employee. CredentialCheck acts in compliance with the European Union Data Protection Directive and is registered with Data Protection Authorities in countries in which it does business. We reserve the right to employ other organizations or individuals as our subcontractors, to perform functions on behalf of CredentialCheck. These organizations and individuals will not share information with any third party, other than CredentialCheck’ subcontractors or clients.


CredentialCheck will maintain the confidentiality of all personal information and will under no circumstances sell or distribute personal information to a third party, except as provided in this Privacy Policy or when responding to a court directive or other legally binding demand. This Privacy Policy will survive the transfer of ownership of CredentialCheck, should such an event occur.


Pursuant to the FCRA, we must maintain any reports which we generate for a minimum period of two years. Reports generated using data collected in or originating from a European Union Member State shall not be kept longer than necessary for the purpose of meeting our obligations to our client and the law. CredentialCheck maintains written or electronic copies of certain information received in conjunction with services rendered for a period of twelve months. Information is subsequently destroyed either electronically or mechanically.


Employees or prospective employees of our clients will be advised by their employer or prospective employer that a background check will be conducted. U.S. residents that do not want personal data made available to our client (your current or prospective employer), should not submit the information in question to CredentialCheck via our client.

EU residents or those residing in other countries with data protection authorities may choose not to submit personal information to CredentialCheck. Consent forms either from CredentialCheck or your employer indicate you agree to provide personally-identifying information, and consent to our use of that information in accordance with this privacy policy.


As the subject of a consumer report, you have the right to any reports CredentialCheck produces and maintains on you. Contact CredentialCheck via the information provided at the end of this document to inquire if we hold personal information about you and to obtain a report including this information. In accordance with this policy and our efforts to maintain the privacy of your personal data, CredentialCheck requires proof of identity prior to delivering any personal information. Information will be mailed via U.S. Postal Service within 7 days of your request, in the same format it was delivered to your current or future employer. There will be no expense to you for this information.

EU residents or residents of other countries in which CredentialCheck is registered with data protection authorities, may contact CredentialCheck to ascertain if personal data about you is in our possession. A fee of not more than $12 USD may be charged to cover the expense of delivering this information. Any information identified will be forwarded within 30 days via standard delivery methods. If you believe any information in our possession is incorrect, contact CredentialCheck directly to discuss this with the support representative identified below.


CredentialCheck will make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of information delivered. CredentialCheck relies on other entities, including but not limited to courts, educational institutions, individuals and other sources for its information, and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information reported.

This Privacy Policy may be modified or amended at any time without prior notice. Review this Privacy Policy prior to contacting CredentialCheck with requests or questions, in the event that a change to the policy is material to your inquiry.

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