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A large healthcare provider was experiencing challenges with their background check vendor that were affecting the overall productivity of their team and the quality of their background checks. They often saw missing information and/or discrepant information being reported back on their candidate's verification orders. Due to this client’s licensing requirements and increased potential for lawsuits, accurate and complete information was an absolute must-have. This client needed an accurate and more robust service that included specific customization for additional verification attempts and deeper investigations.


CredentialCheck implemented a custom verification service specific to the client’s needs, offering additional touchpoints and custom questions to ensure the client has all the information they need to make an informed and compliant hiring decision.


Custom verification services are one way CredentialCheck provides outstanding service to their clients. Implementing a custom verification for this client was a game changer. It allowed them to make more timely hiring decisions based on more comprehensive and reliable information without lengthening the overall turnaround time. Custom verifications significantly reduced this client’s liability risk and simplified their audit compliance.