4,500 Employees / 12 Locations


A leading manufacturing company with multiple plant locations needed to allocate their background screening costs by location and manage expenses. Their accounting team was manually sorting through the invoices each month to divide the costs appropriately.


CredentialCheck customized their account with location-specific accounting codes visible on their invoices. This allowed their accounting team to review related costs without having to sort through multiple invoices manually. By adding these codes for the individual locations, the company was able to enhance their budgeting process and track their background screening expenses by location.


CredentialCheck’s account customization provided location-specific accounting codes thereby eliminating the client’s need to sort through each invoice and manually calculate expenses by location. Eliminating this manual accounting process provided instant and more accurate reporting, provided the accounting team with a more reliable way to manage their background check expenses, and gave them additional time back in their day to focus on other areas of the business.