Food & Retail

19,000 Employees / 285 Locations


A large-scale retail franchise with locations nationwide faced challenges with the limited availability of drug screen clinics for their applicants who resided in more rural areas.


Eliminating this roadblock was easy for CredentialCheck. Utilizing their robust Occupational Health team, they were able to locate out-of-network clinics that would accept a paper chain of custody form. To make it even easier for the client, and an easy-to-follow process for their applicants, CredentialCheck created a custom standing chain of custody form specific to each rural retail location.


Utilizing a custom standing chain of custody form eliminated the guesswork and created a consistent and streamlined drug screening process for the store manager. The standing chain of custody form allowed the store managers to quickly hand the applicant a document that gave them all the information needed to complete their drug screen. Locating out-of-network clinics that provided drug screening services at reasonable costs decreased turnaround time, ensured the applicant would not need to travel a long distance to their drug screening location, and allowed store management to make timely decisions for their hiring needs.