1,400 Employees / 4 Locations


A regional university is facing challenges with processing their large volume of faculty education verifications across their numerous locations. The HR team is spending valuable time and resources contacting educational institutions or working with the applicant directly to fulfill the verification. The HR team would like to outsource their education verifications to streamline the process.


To address this challenge and improve the overall education verification process, CredentialCheck offered this client custom education verifications. CredentialCheck’s team of subject matter experts access extensive databases and utilize other resources to significantly reduce the risk of errors and discrepancies in the verification process. In addition, the verification documents collected are visible within the background check profile for the university to download to their personnel files if needed.  


Outsourcing their education verifications to CredentialCheck not only freed up valuable time for the HR team but also improved the efficiency, turnaround time, accuracy, and scalability of the hiring and verification process, allowing the University to quickly fill their roles with well-qualified candidates.