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Background Check Company CredentialCheck Discusses How to Avoid In-Home Care Abuse


In-home care abuse is a troubling crime, but it can be prevented by taking appropriate measures. By thoroughly screening in-home caregivers, employers and clients can rest assured that vulnerable patients are in safe hands.   Background checks... more

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Beyond Background Checks: How to Hire the Ideal Candidate, According to CredentialCheck


Hiring the ideal candidate is easier said than done, but CredentialCheck strives to give employers the tools they need to make hiring decisions with greater confidence. Read on for key hiring tips about interviewing, background checks, and more.... more

Everything background screening

Recommended Background Checks for IT Security Professionals, According to a Nationwide Screener


IT security professionals occupy a genuine seat of power in their organizations, and most also handle sensitive data daily. CredentialCheck, a nationwide screening company, explains the best background checks to use on IT security job applicants.... more

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CredentialCheck Outlines Why Background Checks Are Crucial for Non-Profit Organizations


Non-profit organizations often have limited resources compared to their for-profit counterparts, but they still must ensure the safety of their staff, volunteers, and the people they serve. Running cost-effective background checks is the best way to... more

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CredentialCheck Explains Why Background Checks Still Matter During Remote Hiring


Due to COVID-19, working remotely has become more common than ever among employers in a broad range of industries. CredentialCheck explains why background checks remain crucial for employers when hiring local and long-distance employees for remote... more

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Elder Abuse and How to Prevent It: Advice from a Nationwide Background Check Company


Elder abuse refers to any form of physical, emotional, or financial harm inflicted on an older person, typically 60 years or older. To prevent elder abuse at senior care facilities and by in-home caregivers, it’s vital that employers utilize... more

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Nationwide Screening Company Explains Why Background Checks are Essential for Employers


Background checks help employers hire the best candidate for the job, prevent criminal activity, and avoid negligence lawsuits. By partnering with a screening company like CredentialCheck, businesses can enhance their work environment and overall... more

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CredentialCheck Explains Why Background Check Services are Necessary for Senior Care Facilities


Senior care services are highly in-demand across the United States, resulting in numerous caregivers and other staff being hired daily. However, to keep our nation’s elders safe and healthy, it is important to utilize thorough background check... more

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CredentialCheck Explains Employee Background Screening for Verifying New Hires


It’s crucial to verify that candidates are who they claim to be before making a job offer to avoid costly mistakes. CredentialCheck, a nationwide employee background screening company, explains what to look for during the new hire employee... more

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CredentialCheck Explains How Salary History Bans Affect Background Check Services & More for Employers


An increasing number of states and localities have adopted salary history bans, outlawing the once-common practice and compelling employers to update how they evaluate job applicants. CredentialCheck explains how this affects background check... more

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Increasing Workplace Drug Test Positivity: What It Means for Occupational Health Screenings & Hiring


Quest Diagnostics found in 2021 that positive employee drug test results had reached their highest point in two decades. CredentialCheck, a nationwide provider of occupational health and drug screenings, explains how this recent finding may impact... more

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Will Running a Background Check on Employees Include Tax Records? CredentialCheck Answers


Pre-employment screening can cover many different aspects of an applicant’s life depending on the position and what the company wants to know before making a job offer. CredentialCheck, a nationwide screener, explains when and how this step might... more

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