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Background Screening Company Helps Employers Determine If Their Screening Is Fair and Accurate


Screening job candidates is a wasted effort if the process doesn’t reliably produce accurate results and ensure a level playing field for all applicants—worse, the employer could even get in trouble with the law. The right background screening... more

Everything background screening

Employers Nationwide Rely Upon Occupational Health Screenings: CredentialCheck Explains Why


Safety is a top concern for all employers, especially those in hazardous or high-risk industries where a mistake on the job could endanger employees, clients, or the general public. Drug Testing and Health Screening Services play an important role... more

Everything background screening

CREDENTIALCHECK® Releases Rapid Integrations deployed within 48 hours with UKG Pro and UKG Ready


July 8, 2022   Troy, MI – CredentialCheck announces their release of rapid integrations within 48 hours, with select Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS’s), through an official partnership with Joynd’s Integration Marketplace. Proudly... more

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CredentialCheck Explains Improving Candidate Experience While Running Background Checks on Employees


The current job market favors employees, so employers nationwide are stepping up their recruitment efforts to attract talented candidates more effectively. Making improvements to the application and screening process can yield significant returns on... more

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Background Screening Company Warns About Common Adverse Action Mistakes


Failing to adhere to proper adverse action steps is a common reason for class-action lawsuits against employers, impacting Target, Petco, and more. Firms large and small can protect themselves by working with a trusted background screening company... more

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Employee Background Screening Company Recommends Strategies for Finding Great Job Candidates


In today’s competitive hiring market, many employers face new challenges in finding top talent for their job openings. CredentialCheck, a nationwide employee background screening company, recommends the following strategies to attract highly... more

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How to Determine Whether to Pay for All Names and Counties in Employer Background Check Services


When utilizing employer background check services, hiring managers must determine the scope of their search. The experts at CredentialCheck help clients make educated decisions about how much information to include and what can be excluded without... more

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Current Trends in Healthcare Hiring as Explained by an Occupational Health Screening Company


As the world enters the third year of COVID-19, few industries have seen greater impacts in their labor force than health care. CredentialCheck, a company providing occupational health screenings and other solutions, explains three key trends... more

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Background Screening Company Explains Why All Employers Should Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Screening


Today’s phones are more capable than ever before, and people use them in all aspects of their lives—including job searches. By upgrading to a mobile-friendly platform for background screening, employers can deliver a seamless screening process... more

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Background Check Company Recommends 5 Ways Employers Can Get Ready for the Future of Hiring


HR and recruiting professionals must adapt quickly to stay ahead of the curve due to the changing needs of the workforce and emerging trends. CredentialCheck, a nationwide background check company, explains five ways employers can prepare for the... more

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Background Screening Company Explains How the Great Resignation Affects Screening Processes


The Great Resignation continues, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a record-breaking 4.5 million Americans quit in November 2021 alone. Although employers are feeling pressure to hire quickly, CredentialCheck cautions that... more

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CredentialCheck Demonstrates the Value of Thorough Employer Background Check Services


Choosing thorough and compliant employer background check services will pay for itself in many ways. CredentialCheck, an industry leader in employment screening solutions, explains why businesses and organizations should choose their screening... more

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