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Employee Background Screening Company Outlines the Keys for Finding Top Talent


Hiring and onboarding are time-consuming and costly processes, so it’s important to find the right person, especially for vital positions. CredentialCheck, a nationwide employee background screening service, offers advice on identifying true top... more

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Negligent Hiring Hurts: Why Running a Background Check on Employees Is Vital


Hiring the wrong person costs a lot; in the best-case scenario, the employee is ineffective and slows production, and in the worst case, they can do massive damage to a company’s finances and reputation. CredentialCheck helps employers avoid... more

Everything background screening

Background Check Company Helps Hiring Managers Uncover Common Resume Embellishments


Everyone wants to sound impressive on their resume, but some people cross the line and exaggerate too much—or even fully lie. CredentialCheck, a nationwide background check company, helps employers find out the truth about their candidates so they... more

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CredentialCheck Explains How California Legislation Bill 2188 Impacts Occupational Health Screenings


In 2022, California passed Assembly Bill (AB) 2188 prohibiting employers from discriminating against job candidates and employees based on “the person’s use of cannabis off the job and away from the workplace.” CredentialCheck explains what... more

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CredentialCheck Exposes 3 Common Myths Surrounding Occupational Health Screenings


Many myths about occupational health screenings and related topics exist due to outdated knowledge and new, complex topics that have emerged in recent times. CredentialCheck debunks some of the most common myths to help employers stay within... more

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Background Check Company Explains What Integrated Background Checks are and Why They Matter


Modern companies use modern solutions like integrated background checks to make the screening process smoother for both hiring teams and job applicants. CredentialCheck, a background check company, explains what integration means for screening and... more

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Employee Background Screening Company Offers Advice for Compliance Teams in 2023


As 2022 has ended, many compliance teams are assessing how they may improve this year. CredentialCheck, a nationwide employee background screening company, offers the following advice for a successful and fully compliant 2023. Compliance teams must... more

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Employer Background Check Service Weighs in on Retaining Talent in a Competitive Market


Retaining talent is a challenge for many employers in the current job market, especially those relying solely on traditional retention strategies. CredentialCheck, a company known for its employer background check services, explains why employers... more

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Background Check Company Explains Why Everyone Should Look for the PBSA Logo


The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) is the premier non-profit trade association for the employment and tenant screening industry. CredentialCheck explains why PBSA accreditation is a must-have credential for any background check... more

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Creating Better Candidate Experiences During Employee HR Background Checks and Beyond


Too often, clunky interviewing and hiring processes give job candidates a negative early impression of the prospective employer. CredentialCheck aims to prevent this with its simplified and streamlined employee HR background check services.... more

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Background Screening Company Helps Employers Trim Down Long Turnaround Times


Currently, many processes are taking longer than desirable due to a variety of issues; unfortunately, interviewing has been impacted as well. CredentialCheck, a nationwide background screening company, strives to reduce long turnaround times for its... more

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Hiring Managers Navigate Running Background Checks on Employees After Marijuana Legalization


The growing legalization of marijuana has created new questions for hiring managers and employers. CredentialCheck simplifies the process, provides clarity, and helps employers navigate these challenges while maintaining a safe and productive... more

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