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CredentialCheck Explains Everything Employers Need for Successful Education Verification Services


Since it is common for job candidates to exaggerate or lie about their education credentials, employers should verify their claims. However, key information must be collected for education verification services to be processed efficiently and... more

Everything background screening

Senior Care Agencies in Michigan Will Be Relying More on Background Check Companies Going Forward


In early 2022, Governor Whitmer signed House Bill 4325 to standardize criminal background checks for most people working in Michigan’s senior health field. CredentialCheck, a Michigan native background check company, explains what employers and... more

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CredentialCheck Explains How a Great Background Check Company Gives Employers a Hiring Edge


In today’s competitive market, employers need every advantage they can get for attracting and hiring top talent. CredentialCheck, a nationally trusted background check company, explains how superior screening can deliver measurable differences.... more

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What Employers Should Look for When Choosing a Partner for Running Background Checks on Employees


Partnering with a consumer reporting agency is a big decision that impacts not only the hiring process but the overall efficiency of the workforce too. CredentialCheck explains what to look for while choosing who to trust with running a background... more

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CredentialCheck Helps Teams Overcome Recruiting Challenges with Employee HR Background Checks


Recruitment is harder than ever, thanks to the competitive job market, downsized teams, and leaner budget. CredentialCheck explains how to overcome some of the most common recruiting challenges through employee HR background checks and other... more

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Nationwide Employee Background Screening Company Offers 3 Tips for Hiring Great Employees


Every open position is a chance to add a new, dynamic contributor to the team, so it’s important to hire someone who exceeds expectations—but finding them isn’t easy. CredentialCheck, an employee background screening company, offers its top... more

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Nationwide Background Check Company Explains What Happens After Screening


Countless job seekers undergo background checks every day, but many of them are not sure what to expect from the process. CredentialCheck, a background check company serving employers across the nation, explains what happens after screening ends.... more

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Nationwide Background Check Company Explains Why Employment Verification Still Matters


Many companies are hiring extensively, so it might seem sensible to speed up the process by removing unnecessary steps. However, employment verification remains vital due to the high degree of falsified information found in resumes and other... more

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Background Screening Company Helps Employers Determine If Their Screening Is Fair and Accurate


Screening job candidates is a wasted effort if the process doesn’t reliably produce accurate results and ensure a level playing field for all applicants—worse, the employer could even get in trouble with the law. The right background screening... more

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Employers Nationwide Rely Upon Occupational Health Screenings: CredentialCheck Explains Why


Safety is a top concern for all employers, especially those in hazardous or high-risk industries where a mistake on the job could endanger employees, clients, or the general public. Drug Testing and Health Screening Services play an important role... more

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CREDENTIALCHECK® Releases Rapid Integrations deployed within 48 hours with UKG Pro and UKG Ready


July 8, 2022   Troy, MI – CredentialCheck announces their release of rapid integrations within 48 hours, with select Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS’s), through an official partnership with Joynd’s Integration Marketplace. Proudly... more

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CredentialCheck Explains Improving Candidate Experience While Running Background Checks on Employees


The current job market favors employees, so employers nationwide are stepping up their recruitment efforts to attract talented candidates more effectively. Making improvements to the application and screening process can yield significant returns on... more

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