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Employee Background Screener Explains the Difference Between Database Searches and Court Searches


Database searches and actual court searches can both yield helpful information during employee background screening. However, there are significant differences that hiring managers should be aware of; CredentialCheck provides the necessary guidance... more

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Background Screening Company Explains What to Expect as Privacy Laws Increasingly Affect Screening


Legislation concerning privacy has become more common in recent years, leaving many employers to wonder how to operate within legal compliance when screening candidates. CredentialCheck, a background screening company, helps employers stay on top... more

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CredentialCheck Explains the Role of Occupational Health Screenings Alongside Evolving Cannabis Laws


Marijuana laws are ever-evolving on both the federal and state level, causing many employers to re-evaluate their drug testing policies. The following are some of the considerations that businesses should make while reviewing how they use... more

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Companies Running Background Checks on Employees Meet Hiring Demands Without Sacrificing Safety


Even when hiring demands are high, it’s crucial to avoid cutting corners, especially in industries where workplace safety is a top priority. Committing to thorough background checks is just one-way employees can hire quickly without sacrificing... more

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Industry-Leading Screener Explains the Critical Components of Global Background Check Services


Screening job candidates from around the world can be complicated, but it can also be rewarding when done right. CredentialCheck, a top firm for employer background check services, explains how to create a global candidate screening program that is... more

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Employee Background Screening Company Gives 3 Tips for Modernizing the Hiring Process in 2022


As 2022 begins, employers should dedicate time to ensuring their hiring process is up-to-date and effective. CredentialCheck, an industry leader in employee background screening, recommends the top things to consider for modernizing hiring in the... more

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Companies Nationwide are Integrating Employee Background Screenings with Applicant Tracking Systems


Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) boost efficiency and create a better experience for both candidates and the hiring team. By integrating employee background screening into ATS, employers can make the process even more productive and rewarding. As... more

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CredentialCheck Explains Why Education Verification Should Be Part of Employee HR Background Checks


Hiring managers rely on resumes to determine which candidates are the top talent they are seeking. However, it is all too common for job seekers to exaggerate or fabricate their credentials; that is why education verification should be part of the... more

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